NoviFlow is the world’s leading provider of SDN Network Operating Systems and solutions for programmable match-action data planes. Our solutions are deployed worldwide by global network operators, hyperscale data centers, enterprises and government agencies to accelerate throughput and provide dynamic scaling for the following applications:

  • Cybersecurity
  • In-Line Packet Brokering
  • Load Balancing
  • Next Generation Central Office
  • Lifecycle Service Orchestration
  • SD WAN
  • Data Center Interconnect

High-Performance SDN Solutions


The highest performance fully programmable forwarding plane solutions in the market, with up to 400 Gbps (and soon 6.5Tbps) of wire-speed performance, millions of flow entries, over 40,000 flowmods/sec!

NoviWare 400

NoviWare delivers the SDN industry’s most complete and highest performance implementation of OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5, gRPC, and soon P4-Runtime Open standards for use in switches, WAN IP/MPLS routers, network appliances and other high-performance forwarding planes.


CyberMapper is a high-performance Threat Intelligence Gateway that can process up to 6.5 Tbps in a single switch using open standard interfaces such as OpenFlow, gRPC and P4-runtime.


NoviConnect Copper and Optical Transceivers are factory programmed for seamless networking compliance, and optimal network performance when used with NoviFlow switching products.

NoviFlow Professional Services

NoviFlow Professional Services help accelerate the design and the implementation your new SDN strategy. Let our experts help your team become experts.

NoviFlow Technical Training

NoviFlow Technical Training is an Online Course Introducing OpenFlow Switching and Controller Programming. It offers two levels of certification.

NoviFlow’s flexible platform design leverages commodity hardware and merchant silicon to deliver exceptional price performance.