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Optical Transmission


MBUZZ way of network deployment for speed and efficiency. Fast and efficient network build outs for greenfield and brownfield projects.

MBUZZ is a trusted end to end telecom infrastructure provider offering its solutions to various telecom operators, ISPs, government organizations, infrastructure companies and big public utility organizations.

The company provides high quality OFC which form the backbone of telecommunication networks used in critical applications.

OFC network roll-out is a significantly complex activity involving outdoor locations and deployment of large amount of manpower and machines. Similar broad parameters, procedures and precautions are used whether building an OFC network for a Telecom Operator or large government organizations. The complexity of rollout varies depending on terrains and whether for NLD or Access Networks.

We provide fiber backhaul to futuristic new
Generation 4G / 5G deployments.

As a system integrator, domain experts from MBUZZ interact closely with the customer, understand the network requirements and propose a solution optimized not only for the current traffic type and traffic requirements but also suggesting a future growth path. These experts also interact with Technology OEM partners in this domain to arrive at multiple technical alternatives with technical & cost trade-offs. An iterative design process is used to narrow down to one or more suitable alternatives, keeping in mind diverse client requirements. At all stages of the solution design, network reliability, manageability and scalability are considered critical to build a network that has OPEX requirements – an important criterion for a network that is expected to last few decades.

What Can Optical Transmission With MBUZZ Do For You?

MBUZZ has more than two decades of experience in supplying and rolling out OFC Networks, managing end-to-end activities from designing, planning, executing, testing and handover. The company has the know – how to implement Terrestrial and Aerial Optical Fiber links. MBUZZ understands importance of fiber networks in a communication systems overall wellbeing; a strong emphasis on quality and safety has been MBUZZ’ commitment allowing delivery of reliable OFC networks across Kingdom’s geography.

All kind of endo-to-end transmission cables like Fiber Optic, Copper, twisted pair & special control cables…etc

  • Designing passive networks
  • Technical surveys & documentations
  • Cable laying
  • Jointing & splice terminations
  • End to end testing
  • Maintenance & Repairing

All Active components like Base Station systems, Multimedia-Converters, Multiplexers etc.

  • Designing &planning simple & complicated transmission solutions
  • Technical installations
  • Configuration & testing
  • Operating & maintenance

MBUZZ offers professional Engineering services including installation and commissioning services for the deployment of the optical transport network. The capabilities range from requirement analysis to system engineering, material supply, installation & commissioning and overall program management for large projects. MBUZZ engineering teams are experienced in all facets of optical network systems implementation with hands-on experience on building reliable network

MBUZZ has delivered several turnkey projects of optical transport networks for major carrier networks. The company understands the stringent support needs of carrier networks and has TAC& NOC Centre that provides technical support and hardware/ software maintenance services to our customers. MBUZZ can also provide a full- time onsite support engineers to provide technical assistance in problem isolation& resolution optimization and operation of network


  • Requirement Analysis, OFC Network design, Route Survey and Network Optimization.
  • Vendor Selection, Material Management, Project Planning
  • Project Execution, Project Monitoring, Rerouting As-built drawings & documentation, overall Project Management.
  • Dark fiber testing, AT, Audit handover, System integration
  • OFC Maintenance and Warranty /AMC support


  • Superlative scalability and flexibility
  • Future Fit
  • Multilayer performance and efficiency
  • Operational efficiency and redundancy
  • Service and application-level intelligence