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Data center Transformation

MBUZZ helps enterprises embrace a truly digital transformation with
their data centers, resulting in an always-available infrastructure


MBUZZ recognizes the importance of Data Centers in an organization’s ability to succeed and regards it as a ‘Value Center’ where the blueprint of the business resides. Our vision of the enterprise for the digital age includes a modern data center equipped with service-oriented and secure infrastructure. With strong automation & process frameworks, we have developed Hybrid Architecture offerings that help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhance operational excellence for our clients.

Work with Industry Experts

Our team can recommend, design, and deploy the right cage, suite, and server cabinet solutions to meet your requirements for physical security and power usage
Fully insured turnkey relocation services with support anywhere in the world
Fast and secure onsite data eradication services ensuring certifiable compliance with global security and privacy regulations

What We Offer

MBUZZ’s Enterprise datacenter Services covers the entire Datacenter stack and supports new age technologies that can help enterprises embrace a truly digital transformation, resulting in an always-available infrastructure: 

Datacenter Strategy, Assessment and Consulting

MBUZZ helps enterprises assess the capacity and performance of their datacenter architecture that can support dynamic business needs. Based on business requirements, we help plan and design the datacenter footprint for business agility and flexibility.

Datacenter Managed

MBUZZ’ focus on AI-enabled Automation helps enterprises optimize their datacenter operations while reducing the cost of operations. Our proven solution allows us to provide the most optimized solution to our clients

Datacenter Modernization with Hybrid Cloud

MBUZZ’ Data Center Modernization Service leverages our proven Managed Platform for Adaptive Cloud to offer committed TCO reduction with optimal distribution of workloads across Private and Public Clouds

Inside the data center we offer three core capabilities: - ​

Niche design and deployment of Network Infrastructure

 Hot/cold aisle containment products

Electrical Design and Installation Services

Outside the data center we provide


High fiber count cables for emerging data center interconnect applications combined with access network design capabilities and network deployment services. Besides the connectivity, MBUZZ also ensures physical and network security complimented with DR & Redundancy 

Physical and Network Security

 Suite of network applications to protect end to end DC operations

DR & Redundancy

Creation of data back-up and ensuring constant network connectivity through redundancy


Future-Proof Your Data Center
MBUZZ data center services offer specialized products that support evolving equipment standards and technology requirements.