Kaloom Flow Fabric™ (KFF) is the world’s first fully-programmable, automated, software-based data center fabric capable of running VNFs efficiently and at scale. This is the first data center networking fabric on the market that provides complete automation and full forwarding plane programmability.  The KFF unlocks the flexibility and cost efficiency of virtual network functions.

The KFF offloads VNF data plane functions from compute servers and allows them to run within networking white boxes fully optimized for data plane packet processing.

Over the course of the last few years, most technologies in the data center including compute performance, storage latency and virtualization have evolved significantly.  Networking has not.  Kaloom addresses this lack of networking progress with the KFF in the areas of automation, VNF performance, latency and cost reduction.

While certain technologies may provide incremental networking improvements, only the KFF can deliver an order of magnitude impact on data center networking.

The VNF Performance Challenge

  • High-latency

  • Low forwarding Performance

  • Independant VNFs

This problem will always exist regardless of the performance improvements of the individual servers.

Each individual VNF in the data center has its own control and data plane on individual servers. Packets are transported through the VNF chain to multiple servers for each VNF function. At each new VNF, packets are subject to performance degradation, whether it is latency, server utilization or throughput.  Further, such packet flow results in an increased cost.

Irrespective of the performance of individual servers, the VNF challenge persists because packets must trombone between the fabric and the server.

The KFF introduces a monumental transformation in data center networking—a new way of addressing VNF performance by optimizing the packet flow through the fabric.

The 5-Point Kaloom Flow Fabric™ Difference

Running the data plane through the Kaloom Flow Fabric™ eliminates the need to pass packets to each individual VNF server. The result is ultra-low latency, high-performance line rate data paths and orders of magnitude more efficient complex service function chaining.

Programmable Data Plane

KFF can be programmed via P4 to support certain VNF data plane functions within the fabric itself. Now, new features can be added resulting in lower costs, no vendor lock-in, resource optimization and efficient VNF management.

Integrated Cloud Virtual Router

Fully-featured virtual router embedded in the fabric to reduce CAPEX and improve service function chaining latency.

Self-Discovering and Self-Forming Fabric

Zero-touch provisioning and automated discovery of network topology.  Rapid deployment and in service fabric expansion.

vSwitch Offload

Move the vSwitch data plane from application servers to the fabric to improve compute efficiency and maximize performance.

Fabric Slicing (vFabric)

Allows the KFF to be broken down into multiple, fully autonomous, isolated virtual fabrics.  Each vFabric can be assigned to a single independent user, or virtual data center operator (vDCO).