Working in close partnership with Supermicro, MBUZZ have introduced their SuperServer and A+ Server ranges to the GCC while building on our own range of server and storage solutions in the more recent years.


Whether you’re in the market for a simple NAS box or a rackmount Fiber Channel SAN, we can help you find the right storage solution to meet your requirements.


MBUZZ offers a wide range of competitively-priced, high-performance workstations, ranging from single-processor compact desktops all the way up to fully-immersed liquid-cooled pre-overclocked powerhouses.


From Accessories to Motherboards, Chassis to Graphics cards, MBUZZ have a large range of components to suit all your technology needs


Thanks to close partnerships with EdgeCore, Kaloom and Mellanox, MBUZZ have a vast array of networking solutions to suit any requirements


Our complete range of software from Virtualized to Converged, Big Data and VDI. MBUZZ are committed to providing customised solutions tailor made to your requirements