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Prepare for the next wave of cloud with 5G-enabled edge and software-defined networking (SDN) 

Build your hybrid multicloud environment with network services powered by 5G edge and SDN 

Creating a successful network transformation for your enterprise requires thinking creatively about network solutions. The want for faster time to market and resiliency of network services tends to drive the need for programmable networks. Tomorrow’s enterprise networks will drive virtualization across enterprise infrastructure and legacy infrastructure throughout SDN. 


SDN revolutionize how networks are conceptualized, designed, deployed and managed. MBUZZ’s Software Defined Networking Services helps redefine your cloud journey and takes a software-defined approach with your networks.

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Cross Connects 

Establish high-performance reliability, low latency, dedicated connectivity with another within the data center. Our high-quality cross-connects provides a direct connection between two terminals. Cross-connect options include Copper, Fiber and Coaxi

Lower Latency due to direct point to point connection 

Dependable and secure cabling, which boosts network performance

Scalable solution with desired choice and performance

Offers you convenience with a simplified, systematic design and easy maintenance

Network consulting services 

Network consulting services provides strategy, assessment planning and design services aligned with your IT and application needs. Consulting services for SDN, SD-WAN, Internet of Things (IoT) and network infrastructure and application optimization helps ensure that your network is future-ready for digital and hybrid multi-cloud deployments. 

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Software-defined networking (SDN) 

Software-defined networking services helps enterprise customers build highly programmable network fabrics for the following architectures: 

  • SD WAN 

  • Data centers and cloud (SDN-DC) 

  • Branch networks and local area networks (SD-LAN) 

MBUZZ’ consulting-led approach helps create cloud-enabled, dynamic, resilient networks that cater to your future needs. 

Wireless Networking

MBUZZ offers following Wireless LAN services: 

• Wi-Fi Network Design 

• WLAN Coverage Planning 

• Network Interference Analysis 

• Radius Database Configuration 

• Wireless Network Encryption and Authentication 

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RF Engineering Services  

Timely and periodic network optimization helps operator and infrastructure providers to ensure quality of the network which helps them to generate the advantage over their competitors.  MBUZZ enables operators and infrastructure providers perform the critical field RF testing required for the deployment and optimization of Telecom Networks and hence ensuring the advantage over the competitors.    

Following are the company's core competencies:   

  • Transmission Planning and survey  

  • Radio Network Planning  

  • RF Drive Test  

  • RF Network Optimization  


Discover the full value of your business and technology potential with MBUZZ 

Modern and agile 

Emerge stronger from disruption and get back to work with solutions efficient enough to adapt to change 

Cloudification and 5G

Focus on software driven virtualization and cloud adoption of technologies across access, edge, and core


Adopt a network-as-a-service approach for integrating and managing your hybrid cloud network environment.


Our partnerships allow us to combine each other's strengths, and use this synergy to help our customers quickly implement and efficiently operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our large network of partners allows us to deliver solutions that are tailor made for each of our customers