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MBUZZ Automation Solution for the ease of Business Continuity Management


The consociate vendor is a software product IP Company that specializes in the fields of automating transaction processing and reconciliation related challenges. The software developed by the Consociate party is a multilingual application that helps organizations in drafting performance-based resilience strategies. MBUZZ partnered with the consociate vendor to understand the challenges of the business market & provide solutions to eliminate business concerns. 


Challenges make business interesting and exciting. Learning the challenges and developing solutions for its cause, helps the business to understand newer levels of potential as well as evolve itself from being an enterprise to a conglomerate. 

Inadequate Awareness of Technology

With technological evolution and its growing dependencies, businesses often find it hard to bring all channels of operation under one umbrella. This is because of the complexities that arise due to inadequate awareness of adapting to evolving technology and simplification. This leads businesses to often direct their investments on Manual processing, which results in giving out quantified errors and mistakes.

Hardware Equipment

Although businesses are well-equipped with qualified hardware equipment, there is chronic dissociation of software products. It was therefore the responsibility of the consulting partner - MBUZZ, to make available adaptable and efficient software products in place that will not only assist businesses to level their operations but also allow synchronization with the in-place hardware solutions. Also, businesses encounter failure in addressing the solutions in the events of disasters because there is an absence of a single-integrated business directory. This absence compels businesses to walk in a long queue of chains to dig out the solution thereby losing to hit the mark at the crucial time.

Licensed Fee Software Products

Another challenge that comes in alignment is businesses opting for the use of licensed fee software products. These products bring along a specialized requirement for assets and installation knowledge to go on with the process, adding to the complexity as well as consuming a lot of time on training people on the usage of the software. Licensed Software provide a uniform functional structure, which enables multiple users to access the data. This builds a cause of concern for business since the data of other users can be accessed without a firewall or with a hacking code (in case the software comes with Firewall).

Designing of Antennas over a wide range of frequencies 

Another challenge lies in designing antennas over a wide range of frequencies since the antennas generate signals differently for different frequencies transmitted.

Our Solution

Understanding the barriers faced by the businesses, MBUZZ proposed to place a software solution that will cater to all the requirements. MBUZZ provided complete automation of Business Continuity Operations. The unification allowed minimal human interaction with the business plan, thereby restricting human errors on a critical level.

At the desk operations level, MBUZZ proposed to reduce the cost of licensing software by bringing the SaaS model into use. This eliminated licensing fees involved in traditional software installs. By bringing in the SaaS model, MBUZZ reduced the complexity by providing simple use & highly configurable business continuity software into operation.

At the employee level management, MBUZZ brought about a Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to restrict access o authenticated users. By integrating the entire business directory into a single software, MBUZZ brought consistency and fluidity across all locations. Thus, promoting qualitative and quantitative methods of risk assessment to perform effective BIA.

By initializing the course of action through AI in workflow management, owners were able to access data and information on cross-platforms (between desktop and mobile applications). The integration thus created a centralized system that provided dynamic real-time KPIs through dashboards and report analysis.

The Results

By initiating a partnership with consociate vendors, MBUZZ developed a web-based integrated Body Control Module & Crisis Management application to assist businesses to operate consciously by understanding the business impact analysis, continuity plans, testing, risk assessment and recovery strategies. The software was designed to be adapted into two modules - The ‘On Premises’ Module and The ‘Cloud-based’ Module The risk assessment report drafted by MBUZZ helped the businesses to develop a business continuity strategy & planning. The strategy was successfully developed to integrate the Business Control Module (BCM) repository. MBUZZ also integrated emergency notification and crisis management framework development and handed the system to the internal audit team to know the capability of the newly embedded system processor. This completed the integration part and the system dashboard for reporting and analysis was handed over to the business partner along with the required certifications for compliance. At the end, all the systems of the businesses are configured into a single centralized system and the data is collated that provides the sorting rules, case, and accent sensitivity properties for the data in the database. Thus, the strategy proposed by MBUZZ proved beneficial to meet the objectives for both the company and the consulting partner.