How MBUZZ facilitated Data security through New- Age Technology 

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Partnership with vendor strengthens the pillars of the business as well as the clients. MBUZZ partnered with the finest manufacturers of global radio terminals to bring compliant communication network standards ranging from narrowband to broadband. The partnered vendor is operational in manufacturing a diversified list of devices, systems and software, video and data services that offer qualified and reliable solutions for business-critical and mission-critical communication. 



MBUZZ learnt the evident reality of the security of data. Businesses are prone to be attacked courtesy evolving technological hacks and minds of individuals. Thinking of the challenges, MBUZZ jotted down some major hindrances that became a cause of worry.  


Security Issues 

Wireless communication is prone to interference and security threats. This is because of its reconfiguration capability for handling different wireless standards. The security of wireless communication devices is under threat due to several reasons such as - insertion of malicious software to terminals, alteration or destruction of the configuration of data, overuse of processing and memory resources, data extraction, unauthorized access, etc. 


Increased complexity and development cost 

Open-source hardware and software applications though seem easy to install came with a lot of prerequisites. This complex technical knowledge has to be understood in detail to avoid major malfunction. Since the cost involved in developing and designing the standard security device is high, a low-cost set-up was needed which was easily affordable.  


Increased Power Consumption 

The software and digital implementation of the communication network imposes a computational burden on the platform that leads to increased power consumption.


Designing of Antennas over a wide range of frequencies 

Another challenge lies in designing antennas over a wide range of frequencies since the antennas generate signals differently for different frequencies transmitted.


Our Solution

MBUZZ developed system software for Push-to-talk Cellular (PoC) devices, which offered two-way services for the available cellular networks. The devices designed for clients came with enhanced security and higher performance delivery, offering standard basic to high-end features within. The devices were designed to provide simpler access to standard operations such as sending & receiving multimedia messages, contact list visibility, small screen vision; and high-end business-critical operations. MBUZZ analyzed that the devices designed for the system needed to be user-friendly, light-weighed, reliable, durable, supported with lasting battery life. Hence, it proposed developing two modules of devices - one that will operate at an entry-level, and the other that will operate at higher-level security. Not only this, but MBUZZ also proposed the Wholesale Broadband Connect Solution that integrates the mobile devices to a web-based application through Integrated Device Station or GPS or the Wi-fi. This module comes with high-performance capture and data delivery devices that promote higher visibility to security concerns and threats. This proposal aimed at centralizing the collated data at a single-site data collection station. Thus, managing its efficiency for flexible deployment at the needed time, providing higher security to an open platform function.

Software Engineers
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By developing qualified products integrated with new-age software designs, MBUZZ enriched the security firewall to prevent and get an advanced history of the future predicted events, thereby preventing the cause of concern at the emergency. The designed devices provided a reliable site of operation with a simplified user-friendly screen. Along with good audio quality, the products also fetch a long battery life giving it the most needed feature. In this way, MBUZZ in partnership with the vendor helped businesses in being equipped with a higher-level of precautionary devices that will not only ensure safety and security of the business and its customers but also make the business turn into an automated care unit, bringing all concerns and threats at a centralized store, where ideas and innovation made way to find a solution.