Mobile Telecom Networks (Full turnkey)

The Company has a proven excellent record in executing and managing full turnkey telecommunication projects by providing end-to-end services, including:

Mobile Telecome Networks

Managed Services to Reduce Costs

How it works

MBUZZ offers a comprehensive suite of Managed Services that allow operators to leverage MBUZZ internal expertise and product development so that enterprises can focus on the core of their business and gain cost efficiencies.

MBUZZ offers Managed Routers, Managed Hosting, Managed Security, Telepresence as well as other Managed Services.Its Managed Routers service provides O&M statistics for these routers and regular reports are prepared so see the uptime and maintenance including upgrades etc. The Managed Hosting service provides space, location and connectivity in

MBUZZ facilities optimizing the IT TCO O&M for customers. Its Managed Security Service provides firewall and antivirus for customers from a centralized location, thereby optimizing IT TCO for O&M of such hardware/software.


Choosing MBUZZ Managed Services means an enterprise can realize significant savings on capital investment reducing running costs while simplifying an enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

MBUZZ has experts in place to make every aspect of its Managed Services accountable and ready to ensure that its customers are getting the services they need with no hassles or unnecessary time or capital investments. Its Managed Services help an enterprise to free up their resources and gain access to the latest technologies all while creating cost efficiencies.

MBUZZ has the expertise to manage and deliver the services an enterprise needs.