Chairman’s Message

Visionary, Innovative and Committed to adding stakeholder’s value

Nawaf Mohammed Al Shammari, Chairman
Greetings to all of our shareholders, partners, and clients.


As the world around us changes MBUZZ Technologies strives to take a leading role in the future. We have been introducing unique and innovative ICT companies to our clients in the GCC since 2007 and are proud of what we have accomplished in the region. However, we refuse to grow complacent and now strive to do the same throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We have recently expanded with new offices in Dubai and Dublin with more coming in the near future as we believe our network and distinctive expertise is valuable around the globe.


MBUZZ is committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. This principle is the foundation of trust on which all of our business activities take place, and it is essential to our company’s greatest asset–our reputation. We actively pursue opportunities to balance our financial, social, and environmental responsibilities to achieve positive outcomes for our diverse global stakeholders.


We believe that the future of MBUZZ depends on the people involved which is why we will continue to grow our relationships, stay committed to transparency with our partners, and invest in our employees. It is our fundamental belief that if we continue with these principles, MBUZZ will grow into a leading global corporation. We will steadily strive towards this goal while staying true to our beliefs.


Nawaf Mohammed Al Shammari, Chairman